Bye Bye!

I am going on a looooong break and I’m not active anymore till November 2016 and earlier. Good news is you can still make comments, greet and contact me, make script requests and more. Sadly- i won’t reply or react to any one of them. Though i might do so when i come back. You can download any of my scripts and work with them though as i said you’ll have to credit me (both commercial and non-commercial).

See you soon :ByeBye

Tweaking your title screen – Part I


This topic is made to guide you to tweak a few things of the Scene_Title module. It contains all information for the title screen except for the command window.


I guess you know about the transition that takes place in the beginning of the title screen. You might sometime want to slow it down, or quicken the extra time that it takes. There’s a method that controls the speed.

It is in Scene_Title only. It is:

 * Get Transition Speed
def transition_speed
    return 20

You can change it:

  def transition_speed

And tweak the second block like above. Now you can control your title transition!


Same, many of you must want to change the title position. It is at line 58:

def draw_game_title
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.font.size =48
    rect,0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height /2)@foreground_sprite.bitmap.draw_text(rect, $data_system.game_title,1)end

As you can see the ‘rect’ here is the rectangle used in making the title text. If you tweak it:

 def draw_game_title
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.font.size =48
    rect,0,Graphics.width-23,Graphics.height /2)#Edited
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.draw_text(rect, $data_system.game_title,1)

You can indent the position to the left, or to the right! That is indeed useful. Just plus or minus. Sometimes, you can also change the height. Just plus or minus the graphics_height.


But now, you want to change the title font specifically. How to do it? It’s simple: ="Courier New"

Feel free to change it to the font you like. If you see, this is the bitmap which was used in draw_text and font.size in the method too.

 def draw_game_title ="Courier New"#Here
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.font.size =48
    rect,0,Graphics.width-23,Graphics.height /2)#Edited
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.draw_text(rect, $data_system.game_title,1)

You can also change the whole thing. See this:

def draw_game_title =["Calibri","Verdana","Courier New"]
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.font.size =56
    @foreground_sprite.bitmap.draw_text(rect, $data_system.game_title,1)

I tweaked the font size here. I also tweaked the font name with a array, that means if you know, the font will be chosen out of piority. Change it as you wish!

If you see further, i changed both co-ordinates of the text.


There is more- color, size and a lot more. You can also have a subtitle.

Try seeing my Anvil Title Script, it’s made out of this stuff only!

After this, in part II, i’ll tell you more things, like making subtitles, openness, opacity and much more. If you can make the effort to like or comment then it will get sooner, i think. Don’t hesitate to request me on through PM, or here, in the comments.

Hope this helps.

Custom HUD

Second script. Quick whip out.

In a quick next update, i will make a more better script.


Changes position of your HUD TP, HP, MP.


  1. Change pose of TP.
  2. Change pose of MP.
  3. Change pose of HP.

Thank you so much!


…For the request.


Download here.





Anvil Title Screen 1 – Update


This is a much more better and sophisticated version of Anvil Title Screen. Finally, i could hold dropbox to work, so now you can take it as a rb (ruby) file on dropbox.

Description and Features

Helps you simple-customize your title.

  1. Helps you change title’s font
  2. Helps you change animation of opening the command window
  3. Helps you change the speed of fade in of the screen
  4. Helps you add a subtitle and change its settings
  5. Helps you change position of title window
  6. Helps you to change the opacity and back opacity of the windows
  7. Helps you modify some simple more features

Thank you,

No thanks yet. If you suggest me something, i may include you here, and all associations and parent script makers are shown here.


The Green Horse


Free and even for commercial uses. The authors must be credited.


Download here.

Just made some… but dropbox!

I just made some music recently, but the main problem is that dropbox does not seem to be in its grip.

Yes, errors or bugs? My title script does not work with other title scripts, and i’m fixing that version to be a ‘little’ more compatible-

At least with menu changing script. Please report me on a bug or incompatibility error. I’m also thinking to make my own title menu change script, and probably it will come.

Too late for some music!

Well, let’s tell you something. I guess is: i started this blog on mostly scripts and music. But i am too late for music now! I said that upcoming content probably will have “Ethereal’ , a town music, but now i’ll post something else because i’m not able to catch up with some chord progressions for some music suiting ethereal. So, i’m beginning on another town-style music, but it would have some happy catch-up.

And i checked out my stats and i am happy that at least someone is viewing my content. If you like or use any of my resource, please comment or like it. It helps me a lot!