Need something simple?

Well, i’ve just thought of just starting a blog for distributing everything i create, because i create what might not be very heavy or quality, but it’s nice for those who have problems for making simple scripts because of lack of knowledge of some kind, or music for just who do not have knowledge of music. They might include advanced title screens, compatibility patches, tutorials for small lunatic changes, simple village music or even tutorial for setting up a bust image! I accept mostly any kind of music request, and simple script requests. Please, i’m not very sure on my creations, so please do not hesitate to give me ideas or requests.

  •  Title Screen Functions (1) – Simple title functions like changing font of title, opacity of window, adding subtitles and details.
  • Ethereal 1- Music for towns , peaceful in C Major key.
  • How to run Galv’s Bust Script with Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath- Running a bundle of scripts makes problem. If there is incompatibility here, it’s because of common variables. Learn how to patch the bust script to run with Yanfly’s victory aftermath.
Simple but useful1

Simple but useful…


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