Compatibility on Galv’s Bust Script?

Well, i’d like to inform you that i’ll accept almost any request of compatibility/bugs on Galv’s Bust Script. I am  user of that script for 8 projects, and it is great. But i went through a bundle of hustle and bustle through making it compatible with most of Yanfly’s, Yami’s and victor’s scripts. I have made a lot of changes in that script but most probably that ended version would be incompatible with several scripts i don’t use, so feel free to tell me any problems. I also encountered problems when using bust images of different sizes, the offset of text was irregular. I fixed that too, by aligning the image size to the script.

So, please feel free about that, i request. And also, as i disclosed before, i accept almost any request that is simple for me to understand as i am a basic scripted.



3 thoughts on “Compatibility on Galv’s Bust Script?

  1. I don’t know why, But the patch isnt working for me; Whenever a battle is finished and the Victory Aftermath Scene (attempts) to run, I get an error code saying “Script ‘Galv’s Bust Script’ line: 167 NoMethodError Ocurred
    Undefined method ‘Width’ for nil:NilClass”

    • That is exactly the problem you need to fix.

      $game_message.face_name.empty? ? 0 : @bust.bitmap.width + Galv_Bust::TEXT_X


      $game_message.face_name.empty? ? 0 : @bust.width + Galv_Bust::TEXT_X

      And if you’ve already done that, try changing the order of the scripts. Are you using any other script except for Victory Aftermath and Galv’s Bust Script? That’s the only reason i can think of.

      • Nevermind….My PC crashed and all of my game’s files were corrupted 😥 ….. Thanks anyway

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