Victory Aftermath of Yanfly with Galv’s Bust Script

To extend my game battle end, i use Yanfly’s Victory Aftermath. Check it out on

I also use Galv’s message busts. It is nice for people who don’t want to waste their time making script calls for busts.

But the both are incompatible. If you haven’t noticed it, check it out.

‘NoMethodError’ Comes here. Does it?

To fix this, go to line 164 of Galv’s Message Busts.


        $game_message.face_name.empty? ? 0 : @bust.bitmap.width + Galv_Bust::TEXT_X


        $game_message.face_name.empty? ? 0 : @bust.width + Galv_Bust::TEXT_X

And hope it’ll fix!

Galv’s Message busts is a little low compatible, but i can fix most of its errors.

And again, please comment any errors you want me to fix with Galv’s Message Busts to Scripts of Yanfly.


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