Anvil Title Screen 1 – Update


This is a much more better and sophisticated version of Anvil Title Screen. Finally, i could hold dropbox to work, so now you can take it as a rb (ruby) file on dropbox.

Description and Features

Helps you simple-customize your title.

  1. Helps you change title’s font
  2. Helps you change animation of opening the command window
  3. Helps you change the speed of fade in of the screen
  4. Helps you add a subtitle and change its settings
  5. Helps you change position of title window
  6. Helps you to change the opacity and back opacity of the windows
  7. Helps you modify some simple more features

Thank you,

No thanks yet. If you suggest me something, i may include you here, and all associations and parent script makers are shown here.


The Green Horse


Free and even for commercial uses. The authors must be credited.


Download here.


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