About Me.

I am a scripter and resource creator for RPG Maker VX Ace aka the greatest game engine of the world in my opinion ^v^ My scripts are based on simple ideas and concepts, small in size, and often quite useful 😉

I like to cover not-so-popular topics of Ace scripting which other people may not find interesting- compatibility patches, title scripts, and small add-ons. I like to think it keeps the world of RPG Scripting together because it’s important to fill in the tiny bits when all the big scripts are finished more than just one time.

I create sprites for RPG Maker commonly, mainly for personal use but it wouldn’t hurt to share it with others so here we go 😉

You can talk to me with a comment here or wherever you want to on this site and if you need i will tell you where else we can interact.

I hope my resources are useful to you!

And, importantly, I’m not active now, so most of the interaction methods above might fail. I’m not sure to be making any tutorials or scripts till November 2016.


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